Sitemap - 2023 - A Year In Music with Jude Rogers - plus Stop, Look, Listen

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Stop, Look, Listen Christmas specials – 3) An exclusive interview with George Michael's best friend about George's greatest Christmas songs (and not just that one)...

Stop, Look, Listen Christmas specials – 2) The song that takes me back to my dad, The Flying Pickets' Only You, and what it was like to talk to the man who made it

Stop, Look, Listen Christmas specials – 1) The forgotten woman behind The Snowman

Stop, Look, Listen – a weekend festive starter kit

Stop, Look, Listen early December edition: clearing out the decks before the garlands, a pre-Christmas round-up

Your Stop, Look Listen early week digest: five topical/seasonal treats, plus a rainbow of sound and vision, to keep you going until I'm back from my room with a view

Falling in and out of love, music and sex, reviews so wrong you have to make them right, and 25 years of R.E.M.’s sneakily horny Up

Your Stop, Look, Listen five a day – teenage-girl-squealing at podcasts, the funniest interview I've read online for ages, post-punk Pointless friends, recycled youth in pop & MY band t-shirt

Your Stop, Look, Listen 5-a-day: top 40 pop, Kathryn Williams' genius, Bill Grundy from politics to punk, Queen Joan, and three minutes of perfection from Paul Simon and George Harrison

Your Stop, Look, Listen 5 a day: all hail Val Wilmer, Stephen Graham's football shorts, perfect TV couples (& Poirot's Seinfeld-like sypnoses), the best dreamy November music & 7.15am trombones

Stop, Look, Listen: birds that look like David Bowie, my best track ever to write to, Tom Hibbert meets a Sex Pistol, Mark Jenkin's summer inspiration and Fancy Bobbie

Stop, Look, Listen: Julian Cope's Star Test, pop art bottoms, Penny Kiley on Letter to Brezhnev, the best Shirley Valentine, one of Merseyside's saddest ever songs – a Liverpool weekend special

Stop, Look, Listen: five things to lighten a mood on a manic day, hence posting this at 8.31pm (warning: don't let your kids read this)

Stop, Look, Listen: filthy books, Ted Hughes' potatoes, coach parties of Cliff Richard fans meet The Quietus, old gorgeous jazz and new, young folk

Stop, Look, Listen: five Berocca-strength songs to cure a cold*

Stop, Look, Listen: Greta Scacchi's awesomeness, Kate Bush's most haunting song, Northern Soul footwork, bonkers Twitter feeds and liquid football

Now and Then (the new UK no 1) and mortality, cynicism, memory and time – a different take on getting older with The Beatles

Stop, Look, Listen: New Dua Lipa and her old Initial Talk remix, Mark Jenkin live, animated people who look like their dogs, Martin Carthy's favourite LPs, and why proper tea is cheap

Stop, Look, Listen: Christopher Eccleston in eyeliner, Kris Kristofferson singing with Sinéad, best last paragraphs in novels, Marry & Adrian, plus Alan Bennett on the Wu-Tang Clan

Stop, Look, Listen: Emily Dickinson's blood and bonnets, imagining Lily Allen meeting Kirsty, being pretty (furry) in prison pink, arise Alex Andreou, and a belated happy birthday to Joni

Stop, Look, Listen: the greatest Beatles diary entry, navigating snowy London pregnant in a pop video, Ian's WHAT A F-ING RECORD POSTS, Irish genius and magical buildings you've never seen before

Stop, Look, Listen: Smash Hits-quality horoscopes, a perfect chapter (thanks Anita Brookner), birthday do DJ Laurie Anderson, mid-century wee stops & my biggest female pop crush on iPlayer at last

Stop, Look, Listen: the best Beatles impressions, the magic of collaborative writing, an incredible unearthed 90s demo, Twitter diamonds and why nothing really matters but [deep breath] MOI!!!!

Stop, Look, Listen: Judi Dench, Derek Jarman and Coil, authors that irritate, immobilise then win you over, cannonballs and homeschooled girls, more Kirsty, some Peter

Stop, Look, Listen: A month of music I listened to – an October playlist for you

Stop, Look, Listen: Halloween Special of spooky songs (courtesy of E, age nine)

Stop, Look, Listen: The One After I Do, Bake-Off judges rollerskating, going gaga again for Gaga, harping on (exquisitely) and the best piece of music writing I've read for an age

Stop, Look, Listen: Lena Horne’s voice, Steve Coogan’s trifle, Welsh tropicalia, Cosey and Delia, and my favourite new terrifying folk band

Stop, Look, Listen: Indian synth raving, things saxophonists won't do, meeting Michel Faber, an amazing treasure trove of sessions, and...carpets

Stop, Look, Listen: Rachel Sweet cameos, Michael Stipe's childhood tunes, ambient music on the NHS, Black women composers and a lost 1967 pop beauty

Stop, Look, Listen – Tuesday with Whitney Houston, impressionist, a Fairlight, the Rolling Stones ripped a new one, musical magic and the best writing advice

Stop, Look, Listen - five things to perk up a misty Monday morning

Stop, Look, Listen – weekend reads and listens

Stop, Look, Listen daily digest - Thursday

Stop, Look, Listen daily digest – Wednesday

Stop, Look, Listen – some morning pages

Stop, Look, Listen #14: An Autumn playlist - twenty songs for the turning season

Stop, Look, Listen #13: Tuesday morning reads & listens

Stop, Look, Listen #12: Monday reads & listens

Stop, Look, Listen #11: My month in music playlist – 24 hours of old and new tunes

Stop, Look, Listen #10: 20 honest things I've learnt about journalism in the last 20 years

Stop, Look, Listen #9: 90 minutes with Rick Astley, or the rest of my interview with pop's loveliest man

Stop, Look, Listen #8: Watch this – one of the most joyful live performances you will ever see in your life

Stop, Look, Listen #7: an Autumn of Kirsty, and an exclusive look forward to the box set

Stop, Look, Listen #6: on Mercury Prize Thursday, here's where to start with Lankum

Stop, Look, Listen #5: A playlist of sounds of lost summers

Present and future, #4: two weeks off, and a new September

Past #4: On my grandmother's 97th birthday

Listen #4: A playlist of summer folk to thank the sunshine

Look #4: Oppenheimer in 50 Words

Stop #4: Words from women that opened up my week

Future #3: How to treat female artists better after Sinéad

Present #3: online culture and staying sane

Past #3: Taking tea and talking music, legalising drugs and World War Two with Tony Bennett

Listen #3: A Sunday evening mixtape for you

Look #3. Why do we watch traumatic TV?

Stop #3. When did a song last stop you in your tracks?

Future #2: Looking forward to pop.

Present #2: This is Hardcore

Past #2. Missing George.

Listen #2. Listening in rooms to popular tunes

Look #2. Things you suddenly notice.

Stop - #2. What was your first gig?

Future - #1. Here Comes The Summer.

Present – #1. Music, talking, health and opening ourselves up

Past – #1. Wise man Neil Tennant predicts the future

Listen – #1. Podcasts & pop & press play

Look! – #1. Watch Bridget Christie's The Change on Channel 4

Stop – #1. The Figure In The Walled Garden, Attingham Park, Shropshire

Stop. Look. Listen...

"Let me hear you sing once more like you did before..." ABBA Voyage reviewed (a month late), 12th May 2023.

The Sense of An Ending

“What happened to us?” Blur at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Friday 26 May 2023

Writing for airports, four 50-word films: a descent

Anatomy Of A Refusal

200 films, 50 words, #18

200 films, 50 words, #17

I'm here, I'm here!

Documenting your culture, the magic of dancing and the empowering potential of DIY

You forever

Extra Sounds of Being Human, #6

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200 films, 50 words, #15

Limitations became superpowers: Black British music, The Rap Yearbook and Jeffrey Boakye

200 films in 50 words, #14

Weekend listening #2: Good reads, and listening in to the fear of your own voice

Weekend listening #1: Cosey, Daphne & me

22 February 2013, 5.05pm.

Extra Sounds of Being Human #4

200 films in 50 words, #13

Bob Stanley on early pop, Saint Etienne's lost albums and more...

200 films in 50 words, #12

Extra Sounds of Being Human #3

Songbook episode 2 - Danyel Smith, Tina Turner and the sidelining of black women in pop

You forever.

200 films in 50 words, #11

Songbook Season 2 begins...

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Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?

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The eleventh of January...